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Details for the "Rolling Thunder" PVP battle

: 11 mar 2011, 1:44
autor: Dutch


Dear Pit,

As promised to you and Voy, I hereby share the information/details regarding “Rolling Thunder”. As I understood that there was interest from your group, a number of slots have been reserved in your name. Please let me know if the amount of slots is correct/up-to-date and if you are comfortable with the positions. Just for extra clarity, this battle is only a single, standalone battle. Currently approx 60 players have volunteered to participate, many of them you probably know (see roster)
Based on the information I received from you and the other clans/group leaders, the battledate has been set for Thursday 24th March. The times are as follows:

20:00 GMT Assembly on Teamspeak, tactical briefing by company commanders
20:30 GMT Mission start
21:30 GMT Mission end, followed by TS evaluation
Below is a link to a tool which helps you calculate your local time difference to GMT 0 time.

Technical information:
The addons needed are @CBA and @ACE (Stable 1.9 versions)
In the links you can find instructions on how to install them (for those who are not familiar with it). 'Addon key' verifications will be on, so serverkeys will be needed as well.
The Teamspeak address for this battle will be port 13605, password “scudo”. The channels will be named the same way as on the website roster. Each tank crew / recon team will have an own channel available. Please install the mods / prepare TS whispers in advance so we can start the battle on time.

Tactical information:
The battle roster can be viewed via the link below. It would be handy for organisational purposes if I could have the names of those who will be playing as tank commander / platoon leader or other teamleader. If you have a volunteer for the transport helicopter pilot slot and / or logistical group slots, please let me know as well.
There is also a link to the page which describes what gear you have and how the game concept works. The battle will take 1 HOUR (and maybe longer if there is interest at the end of the battle)
The Teamspeak server will contain the following setup for channels, identical for both sides. I recommend to use the setup as linked below, within your company for maximum effectiveness as a team. Below are also pictures of the tactical maps and actual pictures of the start points / bases. You can also find a link to basic tips when operating as a crew in a (virtual) tank, very handy as it will certainly help you work together as crews/platoons. It also explains basic operating keys etc. The battle will take place on the sandy plains of Takistan.

Should you have any questions about the battle, preparations or this project in general, do not hesitate to contact me. I’m looking forward seeing you the 24th!

Best regards,

Eric Dutch
Rolling Thunder Team

Most important links:
Rolling Thunder Website:
Timezone calculator:
@CBA mod link:
@ACE mod link:
Battle roster:

Detailed info/rules/equipement list/winning conditions: ... opic.php?2
Recommended Teamspeak setup: ... art_v1.pdf
Tactical map and ingame impressions: ... hp?11.last
Basic Tips and Tools for the Virtual Tanker: ... hp?14.last

Re: Details for the "Rolling Thunder" PVP battle

: 13 mar 2011, 15:33
autor: Dutch
@CBA and @ACE versions changed to Stable 1.9 versions (see direct download links above)

Re: Details for the "Rolling Thunder" PVP battle

: 23 mar 2011, 18:08
autor: Dutch
Important note:

An additional addon is required to participate on the Rolling Thunder battle.
This addon (from Sickboy, DevHeaven) is a fix to the tank smoke bug, which caused massive crashes and FPS loss during engagements last few months.
The bugfix removes the tank smoke screen effects.
The addon size is less then 3 kilobytes and can be downloaded here. ... php?view.1

A addon check will take place before the battle, to help prevent the occurrence of the bug and/or other problems

Re: Details for the "Rolling Thunder" PVP battle

: 24 mar 2011, 18:15
autor: Dutch

Rolling Thunder will be played on Arma2 1.08 patch and OA 1.57 patch
(The old ones)

Since the website is currently down, here is a alternate downloadlink for the required smokebug addon

Re: Details for the "Rolling Thunder" PVP battle

: 25 mar 2011, 6:13
autor: Dutch
To those who participated on this battle,

First of all I would like to thank you for participating, I hope you had enjoyed the atmosphere and gameplay. Approximately 75 players participated in total and from what I understood from the debriefing on TS, people were quite positive about the concept.

In order to make the next battle better and even more enjoyable we would very much appreciate your feedback.
Please be so kind to take a moment to answer some questions / give your opinion via the link below. The survey does not require registration and only takes 2 minutes of your time. ... rvey.php?4

Also, not to forget, for those who made videos and pictures, feel free to share them on the Rolling Thunder website forum ... /forum.php

Best regards,

Eric Dutch
Rolling Thunder Team