Rolling Thunder, battle #2

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Rolling Thunder, battle #2

Post autor: Dutch » 12 maja 2011, 1:34

Dear all,

Back in March a successful, 75 player test battle took place for the large scale tank vs tank concept “Rolling Thunder”.
Some of you took part in that event.

Now, after weeks of adjusting and preparations, I am happy to say that Rolling Thunder is officially announced ArmA community wide.
Looking at previous reactions / feedback , we expect a lot of international interest.

Info on the next event (battle #2):
Sides: Chernarussian Defence Force vs Bundeswehr / British Armed Forces
Date: Saturday, May 28th, 2011
Muster time: 19:00 GMT
End of event: 21:30 GMT
Use this tool to calculate your timezone difference.

For this and future battles, registration / slot reservation is required.
If you would like to participate (as individual or with multiple people) you will need to register on the website and sign up for the battle.
A “first comes, first served” policy will be applied.
All further info regarding game concept, registration, technical changes, rule updates, battle details, addons, etc etc
can be found on the website.

Best regards,

Eric Dutch
Rolling Thunder Team